Cannabis Strain Spotlights

A bud of Giving Tree Dispensary's Death Star strain, for sale now online

Death Star Strain

The Death Star strain is a widely popular cannabis strain. Learn important information about the Death Star marijuana strain from effects produced to benefits, flavor, aroma and more.

A photo of the new golden lemon strain from Giving Tree Dispensary

Golden Lemon Strain

The Golden Lemon strain is a potent hybrid cannabis strain. Learn important information about the Golden Lemon marijuana strain from effects to benefits, flavor, aroma and more.

A cannabis flower bud of The Giving Tree's Grease Monkey Strain

Kimbo Kush Strain

The Kimbo Kush strain is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain crossing blackberry kush and starfighter. Learn more about the Grease Monkey marijuana strain from its effects to benefits, origin, flavor, aroma, and more.

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