Golden Lemon Strain Spotlight

With a name inspired by its fresh, citrusy flavor, Golden Lemon strain is a hybrid that packs a potent punch. Born from a combination of two highly-awarded and widely-favored strains, the Golden Lemon strain was destined for greatness – so it’s no surprise it’s such a popular choice for recreational and medical marijuana consumers alike.

Here at Giving Tree Dispensary, there’s no question Golden Lemon has a community of dedicated fans. And when you consider its impressive levels of THC, rich flavor profile, and appealing effects, it’s easy to see why.

A photo of the new golden lemon strain from Giving Tree Dispensary

What is the Golden Lemon Strain?

Golden Lemon is a 60/40 indica-dominant strain, boasting a distinctly citrus and herbal aroma. With a THC content level hovering around 20-23% (with some tests placing that percentage even higher), it’s a great match for consumers who appreciate a potent high.

Many consumers reach for this strain when they’re ready to relax, wind down, and enjoy a low-key evening at home. For individuals who are relatively new to cannabis or even those who are THC-sensitive, going slow with Golden Lemon is the best option.

Golden Lemon Strain Origins

Created by leading grower DNA Genetics, Golden Lemon is a cross between the immensely popular Lemon Skunk and Kosher Kush strains. Its parentage is most apparent in its signature aroma, and its intense potency and delightful flavor are also often attributed to its genetic roots.

Both Lemon Skunk and Kosher Kush have received multiple industry awards over the years. Between them, they’ve claimed the High Times Cannabis Cup on three separate occasions. So, for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, it only makes sense that Golden Lemon would continue the legacy of excellence.

Golden Lemon Taste, Smell, and Appearance

The sharp aroma of Golden Lemon has clear notes of lemon and skunk, along with an herbal earthiness. There is a subtle sweetness as well, perfectly punctuated by hints of zest and pine. For cannabis consumers who appreciate a strong aroma as a part of their overall experience, Golden Lemon is sure to be a hit.

It’s not unusual for Golden Lemon’s aroma to be a divisive topic – whereas many consumers love it, others aren’t quite as enthusiastic. Even if you aren’t sure about the aroma, don’t be surprised if you find its taste exceeds your expectations. Our Phoenix cannabis dispensary customers often share that the pungent smell of Golden Lemon doesn’t come close to measuring up to its delightful flavor. Right away, you’ll get a pleasantly strong hit of fresh, juicy lemon, followed by a sugary-sweet element with just a touch of sour for balance. Notes of cherry, pine, earth, and herb are also woven in, creating a deliciously complex flavor you won’t forget anytime soon.

Finally, the appearance of Golden Lemon is right in line with its name: its golden hue is accentuated by tendrils in shades of deep honey, with large buds covered in trichomes. A closer look reveals an artist’s palette of colors, including orange, amber, and multiple shades of green.

Golden Lemon Strain Effects

The effects of Golden Lemon set in very quickly, and most frequently manifest as a deep sense of relaxation and calm. The high is powerful, yet enjoyably smooth, and some consumers experience a cerebral rush that inspires a gentle boost of energy and creativity. An enjoyable, tingling sensation starts between your eyes and then sweeps your body, with increased consumption often delivering an excellent night’s rest.

Our AZ MMJ patients describe Golden Lemon as a solid option for pain and inflammation, with many reporting it as a great strain for stress reduction. Other patients at our Phoenix MMJ dispensary say they choose Golden Lemon for:

  • Migraines
  • Body aches and sore muscles
  • Focus and concentration
  • Anxiety/chronic stress
  • Insomnia/sleep disorders
  • Improving mood
  • Increasing appetite

Buy Golden Lemon and Other Strains at Giving Tree Dispensary

At Giving Tree Dispensary, you can find the Golden Lemon strain for sale in Phoenix, as well as a broad range of other cannabis strains from industry-leading cultivators. We’ve curated a diverse mix of classic favorites and new, interesting options, so there truly is something for everyone. Plus, our Phoenix dispensary also carries an extensive selection of cannabis edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more.

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Image Source: CYAM / Shutterstock