Golden Lemon Strain

With a name inspired by its fresh, citrusy flavor, Golden Lemon strain is a hybrid that packs a potent punch. Born from a combination of two highly-awarded and widely-favored strains, the Golden Lemon strain was destined for greatness – so it’s no surprise it’s such a popular choice for recreational and medical marijuana consumers alike.

Here at Giving Tree Dispensary, there’s no question Golden Lemon has a community of dedicated fans. And when you consider its impressive levels of THC, rich flavor profile, and appealing effects, it’s easy to see why.

What is the Golden Lemon Strain?

Golden Lemon is a 60/40 indica-dominant strain, boasting a distinctly citrus and herbal aroma. With a THC content level hovering around 20-23% (with some tests placing that percentage even higher), it’s a great match for consumers who appreciate a potent high.

Many consumers reach for this strain when they’re ready to relax, wind down, and enjoy a low-key evening at home. For individuals who are relatively new to cannabis or even those who are THC-sensitive, going slow with Golden Lemon is the best option.

Buy Golden Lemon & Other Strains at Giving Tree Dispensary

At Giving Tree Dispensary, you can find the Golden Lemon strain for sale in Phoenix, as well as a broad range of other cannabis strains from industry-leading cultivators. We’ve curated a diverse mix of classic favorites and new, interesting options, so there truly is something for everyone. Plus, our Phoenix dispensary also carries an extensive selection of cannabis edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more.

We’re dedicated to serving the Valley as one of the top Phoenix recreational cannabis and medical marijuana dispensaries, so you can count on high-quality service, first-class products, and an outstanding shopping experience. Not sure how to choose the best cannabis strains for your goals? Our knowledgeable team is always here to help.

Learn more about Golden Lemon and other top-rated cannabis strains when you visit our dispensary in Phoenix today!

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