Cannabis Cartridges & Oil in Phoenix, AZ

The cannabis industry is no stranger to trends, especially as it grows by leaps and bounds every day. But unlike many other industries, the “latest craze” often turns out to be something that sticks around for a long time. Right now, one of the hottest things in cannabis is THC cartridges. Loaded with your choice of cannabis oil/concentrate, a cannabis cartridge offers the ultimate in convenience, discretion, and portability. 

If you haven’t heard of cartridges, you aren’t alone. In fact, they’re so new that plenty of consumers are still figuring out exactly what all the excitement is about. At our dispensary in Phoenix, we’ve been fielding plenty of questions about cartridges. And at the same time, we’ve talked with numerous consumers who consider themselves to be passionate cartridge converts, which tells us that these products are definitely worth watching.

We’re breaking down the basics of cannabis cartridges, taking a closing look at what they are, how they’re used, and what benefits they offer. This guide will walk you through the different types that are available so that if you’re interested in trying THC cartridges for yourself, you’ll have a good place to start. And of course, if you want to learn more on this topic, go straight to the source: visit Giving Tree Dispensary and chat about cartridges or our vast variety of other cannabis products with one of our knowledgeable team members.

What are Marijuana Cartridges?

First, let’s begin with one of the most common questions: what are cannabis cartridges? 

Cartridges are a tech-savvy way to enjoy cannabis, using a vape pen (also known as an e-cig) to turn marijuana concentrates into an inhalable vapor. There are several types of carts to smoke, and you might hear them referred to as “wax carts,” “dab carts,” “oil carts,” “THC cartridges,” and more.

Each cartridge is pre-filled with a specific type of vape oil or THC concentrate, so you can shop according to your desired experience. For example, you can choose a cartridge that’s been filled with a hybrid, Indica, or Sativa strain, depending on your preferred effects. 

Depending on the type of cartridge you choose, you’ll either pair it with a disposable vape pen or use it with a battery device. 

How To Use Marijuana Cartridges?

If you’re already an experienced vaper, you know how to use a cannabis cartridge. But for anyone else, the process takes a little practice to master – don’t worry, it’s fairly simple and straightforward.

First, you’ll attach a pre-filled cannabis cartridge to your vaporizer or battery device. Usually, it’s as easy as screwing the two pieces together. The heating process will begin, powered by a small battery that heats up an internal coil in the device. In turn, this coil warms the concentrate until it reaches the point of vaporization. Finally, you can enjoy the fluffy clouds of vapor that are infused with all the properties of your chosen concentrate.

Benefits of THC Cartridges

With so many great ways to enjoy marijuana, there’s no necessarily one that’s the “best” option. However, cartridges offer many advantages that other products don’t – and after you talk to one of our many customers that loves cartridges, you’ll probably want to try them for yourself. 

Here are some of numerous benefits that customers often say they love vape oil cannabis:

1. Consistency

Even for experienced consumers, measuring the right amount of cannabis can get tricky. Usually, the goal is to consume enough to enjoy the effects, but not so much that the experience becomes overwhelming. But how much cannabis do you need? Every person – and strain – is different, so this is a tough question to answer.

However, pre-loaded cartridges make it much easier to control your overall experience. There’s less guesswork involved, so you can better manage your consumption and tailor it according to your desired effects.

2. Portability

There are many cannabis consumption methods that aren’t exactly easy to enjoy on the go. For example, a traditional dab rig is too large – and too involved – to even think about toting around. 

But when you have a vape/dab pen, you can take your cannabis with your almost anywhere. The combination of a cartridge and vape device can fit easily into your pocket or purse and is easy enough to use on the go. Particularly for medical marijuana patients, having convenient access to cannabis is a major advantage of cartridges.

3. Discretion

Even as cannabis becomes more mainstream, there are still plenty of people who prefer to be discreet about their consumption. In those cases, smoking a pre-roll isn’t necessarily an option, because the smell, smoke, and appearance of a pre-roll is a dead giveaway.

However, cannabis vapes look no different than standard vape devices. The vapor has little to no smell, so there’s nothing to indicate that you’re consuming cannabis – most people will just assume you’re vaping.

4. User Friendly

Generally, traditional dabs are reserved for highly experienced consumers, because they require a certain level of skill and expertise to operate. But now, cartridges give you a comparable experience with none of the hassle. For new consumers (or even experienced individuals who appreciate simplicity), the ease of using a cannabis vape is a major draw.

5. Smoke-Free Alternative

There’s no question that smoking cannabis will always be one of the most popular consumption methods. But for some individuals, particularly MMJ patients, the smoke itself is an issue. Medical issues and health problems, or even just personal preference, keeps some consumers away from joints, pre-rolls, pipes and similar options.

However, vaping cannabis doesn’t create any smoke. So, you can still participate in a similar experience, but do it in a way that fits your needs.

Different Types of Cannabis Cartridges

Distillate Oil

Distillate is a refined (distilled) form of cannabis oil, designed to eliminate unnecessary plant compounds for an enhanced cannabinoid concentration. Often described as providing a clean, smooth vaping experience, cannabis distillate cartridges are widely popular.


When CO2 is used in the extraction process, one of the end products is CO2 extract cannabis oil. Although it is not as refined as distillate, many consumers appreciate having various natural compounds in their selected cartridges. Consumers typically report CO2 oil cartridges as the best option for a powerful, smooth, and clean experience.

Full-Spectrum Oil

Often categorized as the gold standard of cannabis oils, full-spectrum oil contains all of the molecules within a given strain – nothing is removed or added. As a result, it offers an exceptionally authentic experience in every way.

Cut/Uncut Oil

Cut vs. uncut oil is a common debate, with cut oil typically being less often recommended. Cutting oil is the practice of utilizing additives in an attempt to enhance an oil, though there’s still much to learn about this type of product.

Terpene Infused Oil

Cannabis oils infused with terpenes are intended to be smoother, and have a stronger aroma and flavor. However, terpene-infused cartridges are one of the less popular options as of now.

Where to Buy Marijuana Oil & THC Cartridges in Phoenix

At Giving Tree Dispensary in Phoenix, AZ, we carry an extensive selection of the best cannabis products in the industry. Here, you can find premium cannabis oil and cartridges, as well as a broad range of flower, edibles, and more. 

For more information about how to use cartridges, and the best cartridges and cannabis oil to suit you, visit the Giving Tree Dispensary located at 7th Ave and Union Hills in North Phoenix today.