The Giving Tree Difference

Providing Access to Premium-Quality Cannabis

Here at Giving Tree Dispensary, our seed-to-sale commitment is one of the many factors that has established us as a leader in the Arizona cannabis community. Using an innovative, vertically-integrated model, we’re able to maintain precision-level control over the quality of all cannabis products sold at our Phoenix dispensary. So, when we promise to offer only the highest quality products, you can be absolutely sure that we always follow through.

Our Phoenix dispensary is about more than simply selling cannabis; our mission has always been to extend access to premium-quality marijuana for qualified adult consumers. Here, we truly care about every customer that walks through our dispensary doors, which is why we’ve gone to such great lengths to guarantee unmatched quality.

Discover how a seed-to-sale approach can significantly improve your cannabis experience – and why you should never compromise on quality – by visiting Giving Tree Dispensary for all your cannabis needs today.

Trust the Tree With Our

Risk-Free Guarantee

We stand behind the cannabis quality of everything on our shelves. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase at Giving Tree Dispensary in Phoenix, you can return it for a replacement or store credit within ten days of purchase.

Seed To Sale:

Signing Off On Quality

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “seed to sale” touted as a key differentiator when it comes to high-quality cannabis – but what does that really mean? Seed to sale is a means of ensuring excellence from the moment the cannabis seed is planted to the final product being sold. From cultivation and manufacturing to transport and distribution, a seed-to-sale promise means that the entire process has been carefully monitored.

For cannabis consumers, it’s a sign that their dispensary is completely dedicated to providing the best possible cannabis products for sale. Rather than wonder how or where their cannabis flower was grown or what went into the manufacturing process for their favorite edible or topical, a consumer that shops only seed to sale products can enjoy every experience with complete confidence.

High Quality Dispensary You Can Trust

Before anything hits the Giving Tree shelf – it has been thoroughly tested by 3rd party labs – guaranteeing you can trust the cannabis quality you’re buying. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t offer it to you. Period.

And as always, our top-shelf flower is grown completely pesticide-residue free, resulting in a product we wouldn’t hesitate to share with our closest family. Stop by our dispensary in North Phoenix or contact us at (623) 254-4711.

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