Giving Tree is your trusted Phoenix dispensary, providing premium cannabis products for medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers across the Valley. Since 2013, we’ve been curating a consciously-sourced selection of the industry’s best cannabis products and brands. Our seed-to-sale process and Grown for Good commitment supports us in our mission to elevate the traditional cannabis experience by adhering to a higher standard of quality at every stage.

At our cannabis dispensary, you’ll find an exceptional selection of cannabis flower and pre-rolls, topicals, extracts and concentrates, edibles, and so much more. And if you aren’t sure how to choose the best cannabis to suit your goals, needs, and personal preferences, our extensively-trained staff is always here to provide guidance when needed.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Phoenix, AZ

There are two questions that our team regularly receives, including: How do I get a medical marijuana card in Arizona and is recreational marijuana legal in Arizona?

Before you can begin shopping for cannabis for sale in Arizona, having a clear understanding of the cannabis laws in our state is essential. Supporting our patients and clients in their journeys to enjoy cannabis responsibly – and legally – is a top priority for everyone on the Giving Tree Dispensary team. 

Beyond that, it’s important to us that every Giving Tree client feels well-informed and properly-equipped to make the right decisions for their wellness.

Learn More About Medical Marijuana

There’s no question that medical marijuana is one of the most exciting research topics in the field of medicine today. Countless research studies support what cannabis advocates have known for a long time: medical marijuana can be a transformative option for individuals suffering from a broad range of medical conditions and concerns. 

From the Harvard Medical School to the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, you can find an outstanding amount of information on the potential benefits of cannabis. Giving Tree Dispensary is honored to have made wellness solutions accessible to an ever-increasing number of MMJ patients in Arizona since we opened in 2013.

The latest information about how to get an MMJ card in Arizona, including qualifying conditions, rules for caregivers, and online applications, can be found on the AZ DHS website.

About Recreational Cannabis in Arizona

During the 2020 elections, Arizona cannabis advocates celebrated another victory: adult-use cannabis was legalized across the state. Since then, the Valley cannabis consumer has grown considerably – and many Phoenix dispensaries are flourishing.

Adults 21 years of age and older are welcome to shop for recreational cannabis in Phoenix at Giving Tree Dispensary. 

With so many new people searching for the best recreational dispensary in Phoenix, Giving Tree Dispensary has seen so many new faces come through our doors. We are excited to offer an excellent selection of strains, concentrates, topicals, edibles, and more for recreational enjoyment.

Types of Cannabis Products

One of the biggest benefits of cannabis is the plethora of options you have for consumption. With so many forms of marijuana, finding one to fit your lifestyle, goals, and needs can be simple. 

order cannabis flower


Marijuana flower is essentially cannabis in its simplest, unadulterated form. There are hundreds of strains to choose from, each one offering unique effects.

order cannabis cartridges

Cannabis Cartridges

Designed to pair with a personal vape device (or a vape battery), THC cannabis cartridges are used to produce a mist-like vapor infused with cannabinoids.

order cannabis extracts concentrates oils

Cannabis Extracts, Concentrates, & Oils

Cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts are highly potent (concentrated) forms of cannabis. Within this broad category of extracts and concentrates, you can discover a large variety of products, such as tinctures, shatters, and waxes. 


Marijuana edibles are food and beverage products that can range from the classic cannabis brownie to cannabis-infused beverages and everything in between. Different edibles utilize varying strains, so you can pick the one that matches up with your desired experience – and your personal taste.

pre rolled joints


Marijuana pre-rolls are pre-prepared joints that are ready for consumer consumption. A pre-roll gives you the convenience of skipping the process of grinding your preferred flower, rolling, and sealing it into a joint.

cannabis products

Other Types of Cannabis

In addition to the products we’ve mentioned, you can also consider cannabis topical products (such as creams, salves, and even personal care products), cannabis extract capsules, and more.

Dispensary Cannabis Terms To Know

Whether you’re a new or experienced consumer, there’s always something new to learn. Here are some of the most common terms you’re likely to hear when you visit our dispensary.


When an offspring plant is bred with a parent plant to produce one with a desirable combination of characteristics; often used as a way to maintain rarer marijuana strains


Stands for butane hash oil, a concentrate known for its potency and an extremely high level of THC


The flower portion of the cannabis plant, in which the highest concentration of cannabinoids can be found


A slang term for dispensary staff, who have the expertise necessary to provide guidance to clients (at Giving Tree, our staff are known as patient consultants and cannabis concierge)


Naturally-occurring chemicals that are uniquely found in cannabis, with a wide range of potential benefits and effects (both physical and mental)


A word typically used to describe all strains and products derived from the plant species Cannabis sativa, though the cannabis genus actually includes three variations (Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis)


An abbreviation for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid widely consumer-reported to offer therapeutic properties without psychoactive effects


The product of two unique cannabis strains being bred together

Dab or Dabbing

A slang term that refers to dabbing a portion of cannabis concentrate on a heated surface and then inhaling it


A descriptive word used when a specific strain of cannabis has an especially powerful aroma


A location where a qualifying individual can legally purchase cannabis (either for medical or recreational use)

Hash & Hash Oil

A cannabis-derived product that typically offers a higher potency than flower


A cannabis plant that has been created by crossbreeding multiple other strains


Typically correlated with a relaxing or sedative effect, indica plants are a specific category of cannabis strains


Specific lines of cannabis (indica) that hail from the Hindi Kush mountains


A category of cannabis strains most often reported as providing cerebral, mood-lifting effects


Another term used to refer to BHO; this is a hardened concentrate with a fairly translucent appearance


An abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid found in the highest amounts across all marijuana plants and the one primarily responsible for the psychoactive “high”


A liquid cannabis extract that is often flavored, dispensed using a dropper for convenience


A waxy form of cannabis concentrate

Shop Giving Tree Dispensary in Phoenix for Marijuana Products

Giving Tree Dispensary has been a respected part of the Phoenix cannabis community since 2013, serving AZ medical marijuana patients for years – and now, welcoming recreational consumers to our dispensary as well. 

We’re cultivating a new standard in quality, service, and community activation, and we would love to have you join us. Browse our full selection of marijuana dispensary products and visit our location to start shopping today. For any questions, feel free to contact us!