Pre-rolls are popular in the industry for their portability, shareability, and versatility. They can be infused or traditional and are offered at every dispensary worldwide. If you need a swift smoke, look no further than the pre-rolls Phoenix, Arizona’s top dispensary, has in store.


Pre-rolls, also known as blunts or joints, is a quick and convenient way to enjoy cannabis either on the go or a no-hassle puff session at home.

Although it is possible to hand roll joints or blunts, pre-rolls are typically machine-rolled by adding ground flower to rolling paper. Many also have filters attached.

Pre-rolls are usually between a half-gram to a gram, sometimes more. They are also offered individually or in packs, depending on the dispensary, and are even infused with kief, wax, or hash. Pre-rolls usually are packed with trim or shake, which are blended right from the leaf.

Benefits of Pre-Rolls VS Other Types of Cannabis

No one is stopping you from buying our top-shelf flower or concentrate, but cannabis pre-rolls are remarkably convenient. Here are some reasons why you would buy pre-rolls over other cannabis products.

  • Easily disposable. Light and enjoy them until they are done. Then you can throw out the filter or put it away safely if there is more.
  • Less Fuss. You don’t have to go through the struggle of grinding, packing, and rolling. Pre-rolls are readily made and available at the Giving Tree Dispensary. Just ask one of our reliable cannabis concierges.
  • Discrete. You can stow them away for easy storage. Just don’t forget about them.
  • Easy to share with friends (yes, even post-pandemic) and are perfect for modifying with wax, kief, or hash.


Luckily, you don’t have to settle for one kind of pre-roll. Variety abounds, and there is a myriad of options for any consumer needs. Here are some types of joints and other pre-rolls available:

Classic Cone Joints

Cone joints are rolled hemp or unbleached paper and then twisted at the tip. They are great for an even burn.

Infused Joints

Dip them in oil, roll them with kief, or try them with hash. Either way, they are joints packed with flower and then enhanced with the higher-THC product for that added boost of euphoria. Kief is pure THC and is much more powerful. Popular for diehard cannabis enthusiasts and leaf libertines.

Gold-Leaf Joints

These are standard-sized joints rolled into gold-lead paper and then smoked. It is meant for consumers looking for a higher-end experience.


Blunts are beloved for bigger wrapped hemp or tobacco paper and can hold anywhere from half a gram to an eighth of cannabis.

Pre-Roll Cannabis Flower Strains

Pre-rolls contain either sativa, indica, or hybrid flower. Some joints contain only CBD if you want those mellow and soothing benefits. Buy our sativa pre-rolls if you are in the mood for a more energetic, creative, and sunny boost. Buy indica pre-rolls for that night-in, end-of-day relaxed feeling. Hybrid pre-rolls are a well-balanced bet for anyone who wants to have a mix of both sativa and indica. Giving Tree Dispensary has all three available in store.

How to Choose the Best Pre-Roll Strain

To determine what the best pre-rolls are, figure out your needs and what cannabis strain will be best. Pre-roll strains are a personal voyage and will affect your body differently.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Pre-Rolls In Phoenix?

From seed to sale, Giving Tree Dispensary prides itself on high-quality pre-rolls. We are Grown for Good right here in Phoenix and can provide incredible customer service by any of our trusted cannabis concierges. If you are over 21, or 18 with a medical card, stop in and select from our supreme pre-roll options. We provide one-of-a-kind, consciously-sourced flower with unmatched retail experience. Our pre-rolls are always in your price range and are well worth the value. We are female-owned and one of the most respected dispensaries in the nation.

Shop online at Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in North Phoenix | Giving Tree Dispensary and take advantage of in-store pickup. See you soon.

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Shop Premium Pre-Rolls For Sale In Phoenix At Giving Tree Dispensary

You could simply search online for “where to buy pre-rolls near me,” but there’s no guarantee that the first dispensary you choose will meet your expectations. Instead of taking your chances with the “cannabis preroll dispensary near me,” why not improve your overall cannabis experience with a Phoenix dispensary with a first-class reputation?

Giving Tree Dispensary is proud to be one of the Valley’s premier cannabis dispensaries, curating an extensive collection of premium products while delivering an unparalleled shopping experience.

With a diverse range of pre-rolls for sale, featuring a variety of different types, top strains, and flavors, Giving Tree truly has something for all adult consumers to enjoy.

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