Cannabis Extracts & Concentrates in Phoenix, AZ

One of the biggest benefits of cannabis is its versatility – no matter your goals, preferences, or lifestyle, it’s likely that you can find a form of cannabis to suit you. If you’re considering enhancing your approach of well-being with the addition of marijuana concentrates or cannabis extracts in Phoenix, this guide is exactly the resource you need to get started.

Cannabis concentrates are among the most popular product types, yet there are plenty of consumers who don’t actually know that much about them. We’re going to talk about what concentrates are, how they’re made, and the options you have for making them a part of your cannabis experience.

What are Cannabis Extracts?

A cannabis extract is a highly concentrated form of marijuana that has been produced using a solvent-based scientific process and extraction method.

Essentially, extracts are the product specifically created for individuals seeking potent high-grade concentrations of THC or CBD. When properly made, a THC/CBD extract or concentrate will have an aroma and taste that is similar to the strain it was extracted from. The difference is that the actual effects are generally significantly magnified because of the higher concentration of cannabinoids, ounce for ounce.

How are Cannabis Extracts Made?

The extract process can differ somewhat based on the specific type of solvent that is being used. However, there is a general series of steps for making marijuana extracts:

  1. Cannabis plant materials are combined with a specialized substance, which results in the separation of cannabinoids (the “active ingredients” in cannabis) and terpenes from the plant matter.
  2. Next, the cannabinoid-infused solvent is separated from the plant matter.
  3. Finally, the solvent itself is removed, commonly through evaporation. The final result is a rich concentration of cannabinoids.

You may have seen online tutorials for DIY cannabis extracts, but the process is one that should be left to the professionals. Not only can it be extremely dangerous, but the end product simply won’t come close to the quality you’ll find in a professional-grade cannabis extract.

Is there a Difference Between Concentrate and Extract?

Although you often hear the terms “cannabis extract” and “cannabis concentrate” used interchangeably, it’s not technically correct. All extracts are concentrates, but not all concentrates are extracts. An extract is a type of concentrate, one that is specifically made through the use of a solvent.

Types of Cannabis Extracts & Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates and extracts make up a diverse category of products, including a variety of forms that might surprise you, such as wax and shatter. There really is a concentrate or extract for just about any adult consumer with so many different options.

The name of a cannabis extract is usually connected to its texture or its extraction process, which can be useful for beginner consumers. Textures range from dry, crumbly THC extracts to liquid cannabis oils and everything in between.

Here are some of the most common types of CBD/THC concentrates and extracts:


Crumble is a crumbly, dry form of extract frequently used to top off flower or portable vaporizer coils.


Shatter is a popular option for consumers who enjoy dabbing or vaporizing with a glassy texture that is shiny and simple to work with.


Sauce is a liquid extract with a sticky, non-uniform consistency (ranging from a thin juice-like appearance to one like thick marmalade). It is best known for being high in terpenes and extremely flavorful.

Budder & Batter

Budder (also called batter) has a thick, whipped texture that is reminiscent of butter. Like shatter, its texture lends itself well to vaping and dabbing.


For the sake of convenience and versatility, syringes can be filled with cannabis extracts or concentrates. Syringes let you choose between quickly consuming the concentrate directly or adding it to a beverage or food item.

CBD Extract

These extracts are specifically rich in CBD rather than THC. Oftentimes, CBD extracts are preferred by individuals who aren’t interested in the psychoactive effects provided by THC.


Wax is produced at lower processing temperatures, which preserves more of the terpenes that are associated with the aroma and flavor of cannabis. As a result, waxes often offer a complete flavor profile compared to other concentrate forms. Typically, waxes are thick, sticky, and stretchy.

How to Use Cannabis Extracts

So, how do you use marijuana extracts? You have a few different choices, making it easier to find a method that suits your lifestyle, experience level, and personal preference.


“Dabbing” is a method that utilizes a piece of equipment called a “dab rig,” in addition to a source of heat. Using these two items, the consumer heats a portion of extract until it reaches the temperature at which it vaporizes. The cannabinoid-rich vapor and dab wax concentrate can then be inhaled.

Topping flower

One of the easiest ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates is by adding it to the flower of your choice, a practice known as “bowl-topping” or “topping flower.” This beginner-friendly method involves placing a small piece of cannabis wax, shatter, or budder on top of a bowl packed with top-shelf flower. Alternatively, you can add a light sprinkling of concentrate inside joints before rolling.


Vaping cannabis concentrates has quickly become one of the most widely-used methods, mainly because it is discreet, effective, and hassle-free. There are various cannabis oil types available for vaporizers, giving you the flexibility to select one that aligns with your preferences.


Concentrates can also be contained in a capsule, which you can simply swallow as you would any other type of capsule. Cannabis capsules are ideal for consumers who want a precision-level serving of cannabinoids as well as discretion.

Where to Buy Full-Spectrum Extract and Cannabis Oil

One of the most important things to know about cannabis extracts and concentrates is this: not all products are created equal. The quality of your experience depends entirely on the quality of the concentrate, so shop wisely.

You can purchase full-spectrum cannabis extracts and oils (that is, those containing the full spectrum of desirable plant compounds) at premium Phoenix cannabis dispensaries. Yet, for the very best in quality, variety, and accessibility, make Giving Tree Dispensary your first choice.

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