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Wax vs. Shatter: What’s The Difference?

If you are looking for a more concentrated and pure source of marijuana, or just want to know more about different cannabis options, you have come to the right place. Wax and shatter concentrates are more potent than using the plant itself and can strengthen the benefits found with traditional cannabis use. However, when determining which is the best option to use, it’s best to understand what the key differences between the two are.

How They Are Made

The difference between wax and shatter begins in the processing steps. They are both extractions, which means that the major oils in the marijuana plant that produces psychedelic effects are extracted and converted into a more concentrated substance. The terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids are collected to create a concentrated product to generate a more drastic high that lasts longer than smoking the plant alone. Extraction that produces wax will use less heat than one that produces shatter. It will also mix the concentrate much more aggressively for wax than shatter. In wax, the molecules are much more loosely held together in a haphazard fashion. This is the easier product to create. Shatter requires more precision. Instead of the muddle of molecules in wax, the molecules in shatter are tightly aligned. The filtration of shatter is also more meticulous, leading to a more pure product than wax.

The Obvious Difference

While both options offer roughly 60% higher concentration than traditional cannabis options, their appearance and texture are very different. Each option is named for its physical characteristics. Wax is an opaque substance that has a softer consistency and is very easy to handle. The texture of wax is almost like a butter or thick oil. Initially, after the extraction, the liquid that will become wax looks like what will become shatter, but the final product is a yellowy brown color that looks much like a large piece of earwax. Shatter has a much harder texture than wax. In fact, it is comparable to rock candy or caramelized sugar. Rather than being thick and opaque like wax, shatter is transparent because the tightly packed molecules allow light to pierce through it. It is a more pure shade of amber.

Use and Results

Most people consider the choice between wax and shatter based on preferences related to use and results. Due to its glassy texture, shatter is more difficult to use. However, it has a longer shelf life than that of wax. When smoked or heated, shatter is often stronger but releases a weaker aroma than wax, even though wax offers the same medicinal benefits. The soft state also makes wax less stable than shatter, so it breaks down more quickly and must be used sooner, but it can be used in different ways more easily. Both products are suitable for dabbing, and offer many of the same benefits, though it is more common to use wax for bowl topping. The surface area is greater with wax which means you need more to last the same amount of time as shatter. Bowl topping with wax allows you to increase the potency of other kinds of marijuana as well.

Making the Choice

The difference between wax and shatter boils down to preference. Whether you want something easy to use or more shelf life, both options give the same benefits and results. If you are new to concentrates, you may want to start with wax and gain some experience before using shatter. The higher concentration in both and more intense high are helpful for reducing anxiety and pain, which is why they are growing in popularity with medical marijuana users. Find out how they could help you today by contacting Giving Tree Dispensary or reaching out at 623-254-4711


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