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How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

The first step to legally buying marijuana in the state of Arizona is obtaining the proper medical marijuana card. Simple, right? Unfortunately, the application process isn’t as simple as visiting your general practitioner and getting a recommendation. On your journey to acquiring your card, you’ll need to pass a few hurdles and provide specific paperwork. The process can be a bit tricky, but knowing what to expect in advance can help you navigate the application process more easily and effectively so you can visit your favorite dispensary for the relief you need all that much sooner.

Visit Your Doctor

Before the time to worry about submitting paperwork ever comes around, you must visit your doctor to obtain a recommendation via the official ADHS medical marijuana certification form. Without taking this step, obtaining your card is an absolute impossibility. There are a number of different diagnoses that will qualify you for a card in the state of Arizona, including:

The list is extensive, and if you don’t see your medical issue here, then don’t worry – you can still discuss your symptoms with your doctor to get a proper diagnosis and recommendation. If you don’t already have a doctor in mind for the task, consider choosing one from this updated list of certified professionals who are comfortable working with medical marijuana.

Double-Check Your Paperwork

No matter what sort of application you’re dealing with, the easiest stumbling block to trip up on is having incorrect paperwork. This will get you automatically disqualified from obtaining your card and you’ll have to begin the application process all over again. Therefore, be sure you have all the necessary information in hand when you go to apply.

  • Proof of residency (valid state ID, utility bill or current lease)

  • The Physician Certification Form

  • Photo ID (driver’s license, state-issued photo ID)

  • A current photograph of yourself

  • A completed and signed Qualifying Patient Attestation Form

  • Visa or Mastecard details for payment of the application (standard fee of $150 in AZ)

  • If applicable, documentation for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Each of these documents will be required in order to pass through the application process and obtain your card. Fortunately, the Arizona Department of Health Services has provided anyone seeking their card with a handy patient checklist to keep the process organized and stress-free. If you have any special circumstances (i.e. a patient being a minor), take a look at this official FAQ to learn more about what will be expected of all parties involved while applying.

Submit Online

Once you’ve gathered together your recommendation and the proper paperwork, it’s time to submit them via the online form. Keep in mind that the entire application process for your medical marijuana card will be handled online. There is no alternative approach. Therefore, if you’re not good with computers, take the time to seek out help from a family member or even a public librarian who is.

All of your paperwork will need to be converted into a digital PDF format in order to be submitted. The form itself is fairly self-explanatory and will notify you of what information needs to be uploaded where. Once the application is complete, there’s nothing left to do but wait for the results and, hopefully, your card.

Shop a Reliable Dispensary

Once you obtain your card, you’re free to shop legally for marijuana in Arizona. Find a good, reliable dispensary with an excellent selection of strains and knowledgeable staff members to get the best experience possible and relief that caters to your specific needs. Contact Giving Tree Dispensary for more information regarding their cannabis, including which strains they sell and what they recommend for what ails you.

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