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About ACDC Strain

ACDC is counted among the best high-CBD cannabis strains, delivering a 20% CBD concentration level and garnering attention for its notably therapeutic effects. Its THC level tends to hover just around 1 to 2%, making ACDC an ideal hybrid for medical marijuana patients (and recreational consumers) who prefer an experience without significant psychoactive effects.

High-CBD strains such as ACDC have seen a massive rise in demand in recent years, attracting consumers of all ages, needs, and lifestyles. This exceptional strain is the perfect example of a way to enjoy marijuana for its specific medicinal properties.

Strain Effects

If you enjoy a marijuana experience with an element of mind-altering effects, ACDC may not be the strain for you. Or at the very least, it might not be the right option to satisfy a mood that calls for a euphoric “high.”

The high CBD content of ACDC couples with its minimal THC to maximize the purportedly healing effects of medicinal marijuana on a physical level, rather than mental. The THC level of ACDC is so low that you may see it labeled as a “THC-free” cannabis strain in some dispensaries.

For medical marijuana patients, ACDC is often among the top choices for cannabis strains for pain relief, anxiety, or insomnia. It is also often selected by patients managing the side effects of cancer treatments and severe physical pain.

If you are an ACDC first-timer, you’ll likely take note of the gentle sense of calming that spreads throughout your body. The pleasant wave of relaxation washes away worries, as your feelings, your limbs loosen and aches and pains diminish. But because there isn’t a traditional, overpowering “high,” ACDC allows you to carry on with your day and remain focused, sociable, and at peace.

ACDC can be a great match for individuals who are particularly sensitive to THC or have experienced any undesirable side effects of THC such as anxiety or paranoia.

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