Phoenix Dispensaries Raise Money for Domestic Violence Victims


This article and video by Lauren Reimer originally appeared on, a link to the video can be found following this blog post. They sell pot for living, their mission is to help others. Now medical marijuana dispensary owners are helping to grow confident women.

The medical marijuana is a a billion dollar industry. Monarch Wellness Center in Scottsdale, along with their grower Huxton, and the Giving Tree Wellness Centers in Phoenix and Mesa are giving some of that back. “We’re taking what we do every day and we decide to put a portion of that into helping other people,” said Lilach Power, owner of the Giving Tree Wellness Center. The companies have pitched in and combined their product for a fundraiser, something rarely done between competitors. “Very rare, matter of fact as far as we know no one’s done it before,” said AJ Montgomery with Monarch Wellness Center.

It’s called ‘Confident Woman.’ It’s both a blend of marijuana, and a movement. Till the end of the month, 50 percent of its sales will go to the Chrysalis Domestic Abuse Shelter in Phoenix. “And when people raise their eyebrows and ask questions, ‘You know there’s drug abuse in situations in Chrysalis?’ we really try to explain, ‘This is medicine, and this is helping people, and this is shown to help a lot of PTSD,’” said Power. So far they’ve raised $3,600. They’re also taking donations if people are not medical marijuana cardholders. “You have a responsibility as an operator, as a business, as an industry, to show people that we can do good things This is helping patients, and this is just the beginning,” said Power.

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