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Most of us never thought the day would come when we could walk openly into a dispensary and legally purchase cannabis. You might even feel that after several visits, the excitement doesn’t wear off! Now is a great time to break in that new card, and we’ve prepared a few tips to make your first visit comfortable and successful.


A great place to start is with the pamphlet that will arrive in the mail either alongside, or shortly after your MMJ card. This information is prepared by the State of Arizona’s medical marijuana division, and will include a list of licensed dispensaries in your area. It is our recommendation that you only shop at dispensaries that are state-licensed. At Giving Tree our medicine is tested for potency and purity. This means we regularly affirm that our plants are free of pesticides and impurities, and that we know the exact level of cannabinoids in our product. You should also look into some online databases such as, where you can search for dispensaries in your area and see their menus and prices, as well as reviews from other members of the MMJ community. By reading about a strain’s unique properties in advance, you can find what is recommended for your specific condition.


We love answering patient’s questions. In fact, we pride ourselves on our continuing education and want to make sure that you leave feeling empowered. Do you want to know about ways to medicate without smoking? Want to know the difference between THC and CBD? Need an in-depth breakdown on using a portable vaporizer? There is no such thing as a silly question – and honestly – it makes us feel good to help.


our first time in a new dispensary can be overwhelming, albeit in a good way. You will be asked to complete new patient paperwork. There will be many things to see and smell, and you may find you have plenty of questions. Many new patients enter a dispensary thinking there are only a handful of products to choose from. When they discover how enormous the variety of medicine can be they sometimes become unsure of what to choose. Find out your dispensary of choice’s hours of operation and try to get there at least an hour prior to closing. We want to be able to give you our undivided attention!


Bringing a buddy is always helpful when visiting a new place or learning new things. Most dispensaries have a designated waiting area for non-patients, but we recommend you call and ask first as some do not permit non-patients to wait inside their building. We have family-friendly waiting rooms to accommodate your loved ones at both our locations, so don’t feel shy about bringing a companion along! If you would like customized individual attention, both of our locations are equipped with private patient consultation offices where you can get individualized service in a confidential, professional environment. No matter where you end up purchasing your medicine choose a dispensary that makes you feel respected and appreciated. At The Giving Tree Dispensary, we know that without you, we wouldn’t exist!

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