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Two Strains Perfect for Spring Break

Spring break is upon us, and in Arizona, that means taking full advantage of everything our southwestern state has to offer before the heat of summer arrives. At Giving Tree Dispensary, we’ve been welcoming plenty of customers who are shopping for strains for spring break – and if you ask us, there couldn’t be a better time to discover some new options for a laidback cannabis experience.

If you’re searching for strains that pair perfectly with some spring break self-care and relaxation, here are our two top picks:

White Dream:

For the seasoned cannabis enthusiast that wants to spend spring break with a high-THC strain, look no further than White Dream. Also known as White Widow Dream, this popular strain has tested at THC levels surpassing 24%. Born from a blend of one sativa-dominant strains (Blue Dream) and one hybrid strain (White Widow), White Dream will deliver a balanced experience that features a pleasant boost of energy, a cerebral sense of creativity, and an intense, full-body buzz.

Death Star:

Don’t let this strain’s foreboding name fool you; it’s one of your best options for a serene, euphoric experience that leaves you feeling delightfully decompressed. Hailing from the Sour Diesel and Sensi Star strains, Death Star is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts an impressive THC content of over 27%. The powerful aroma and earthy flavor of this strain is one-of-a-kind, distinguishing it from just about every other option out there.

Don’t settle for a subpar spring break by purchasing cannabis from just any Phoenix dispensary – set yourself up for a first-rate experience when you choose Giving Tree Dispensary instead. Visit our Valley dispensary in Phoenix to shop for all your spring break cannabis necessities today!

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