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Trop Cookies Strain

Trop Cookies, also called Tropicana Cookies, MTN Trop, and Tropicana Cookies F2 is a THC-rich hybrid that leans sativa-dominant. Famous for its fresh flavor, impressive genetic heritage, and long-lasting effects, Trop Cookies is a popular strain for all consumers.

With its energizing yet gently relaxing effects, Trop Cookies can be an excellent option for daytime – and its signature flavor ensures that you’ll feel invigorated and ready to take on the day.

Trop Cookies Strain Origins

Bred through a cross between Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies, Trop Cookies certainly owes its iconic flavor and enjoyable effects to its well-respected parental strains. It is believed that Harry Palms first created this hybrid from Bloom Seed Co. Later, the Colorado-based Oni Seed Co-developed a second generation (called Tropicana Cookies F2). The second generation of Trop Cookies is equally acclaimed.

Trop Cookies Taste, Smell, and Appearance

Although Trop Cookies’ effects are, without a doubt, one of the reasons it’s so beloved, its flavor truly rocketed this strain to next-level popularity. The flavor of Trop Cookies is fueled by deliciously fresh notes of citrus, with delicious orange elements and just a hint of tangy sourness – just like a slice of a perfectly-ripe orange. There’s a not-too-sweet cookie flavor on the exhale that complements the citrus extraordinarily well. 

As expected, the aroma of Trop Cookies is heavy on the citrus; however, there are also touches of sour spice and earthy pine mixed in. As the nugs are ignited and burned, you’ll notice a subtle pungent smell that only serves to enhance the multi-sensory experience.

When you take a closer look at Trop Cookies, it’s impossible not to notice the unique heart shape of the nugs. Dark purple undertones accent shades of minty green, all topped off by a coating of amber hairs and dark, almost purplish, trichomes that appear to sparkle in the light.

Trop Cookies Strain Effects

The THC level of Trop Cookies hovers anywhere between 21-25%, so it’s no surprise that its effects are worth exploring. Trop Cookies is not a strain that will leave you couch-locked; instead, you can look forward to a beautiful burst of energy from the early onset of the high. This strain opens feelings of creativity, refined focus, and tingly euphoria to sweep throughout your mind and body, causing a motivation to take on anything from creative pursuits or household chores to social gatherings. 

However, that’s not to say that the wave of energy will leave you feeling on edge. It’s accompanied by a pleasantly relaxing effect that ensures that your body will be energized yet calm.

The appealing balance of Trop Cookies’ effects makes it a frequent go-to strain for individuals with anxiety, mood swings, depression, and chronic stress. It’s also a good fit for those dealing with nausea or appetite loss. With THC levels that can soar as high as 28%, Trop Cookies is a versatile strain well-known in the medical marijuana community.

Typically, Trop Cookies is best enjoyed as a daytime strain and might just become your newest favorite for social get-togethers. The effects are famously long-lasting, but most people report sleeping exceptionally well even after getting a daytime energy boost from Trop Cookies. 

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