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5 Reasons Kindred Cannabis is a Leader in the Arizona Medical Marijuana Capsule Market.

Number 1 – Cleanly Produced 

We pride ourselves in the use of clean extraction methods (no BHO’s here), our team of qualified scientists push the limit of cannabis infusions with clean CO2 extraction.

Number 2 – Consistent Effects

We’ve created a full-spectrum line of products for different use and results, ensuring you get the same desired effect every time based on your product selection.

Number 3 – Measured Dosing

All of our products come in measured doses to guarantee you take the perfect amount each time.

Number 4 – Discreet Consumption

Cannabis doesn’t need to be smoked and capsules provide a discreet alternative to traditional methods of consumption.

Number 5 – Changing the Stigma

#Destigmatizeit. Our Kindred Spirits campaign has a mission to change the way cannabis users are viewed and stereotyped by showcasing highly functional professionals who use cannabis in their lives.

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