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Sundae Driver Strain

Sundae Driver is a popular 50/50 hybrid strain inspired by two giants of the cannabis world. Its distinct flavors and aromas make it an easily recognizable strain, and it delivers an exceptional experience time after time.  

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Sundae Driver Strain Origins

This strain boasts an impressive parentage that includes Fruity P (formerly called Fruity Pebbles) and Grape Pie. The result is a balanced hybrid that has earned a respected place among professional cultivators and amateur growers alike. 

With its 50/50 balance of indica and sativa, Sundae Driver is an exceptionally versatile stain that can appeal to a diverse range of consumers. It’s among the better-known strains in the medical marijuana community and very well-liked by recreational consumers. 

Sundae Driver Taste, Smell, and Appearance

There’s no doubt that Sundae Driver makes a fabulous first impression, showing off a rich, olive-green color accented by purplish undertones. Red pistils are contrasted by a generous covering of white trichomes, creating an overall positive visual effect.

The sweet, fruity flavor of Sundae Driver has the unmistakable taste of rich, creamy chocolate woven through. Its deliciously decadent taste has made Sundae Driver a favorite “dessert strain,” while hints of earthiness ensure that it’s never too cloyingly sweet. It’s a decidedly smooth smoke, adding to the overall enjoyable experience.

The aroma of Sundae Driver matches its delicious taste, intermixing notes of fruit, chocolate, and a touch of earth.

Sundae Driver Strain Effects

When you consider Sundae Driver’s 50/50 genetic profile, its balanced outcomes make perfect sense. 

Most people report feeling calm, happy, and pleasantly upbeat after enjoying Sundae Driver, while some describe an inspiring burst of creative energy and euphoria. Sundae Driver is often best enjoyed in the evening because the mellow head-high can often segue into delightful sleepiness and relaxing body-high.

Sundae Driver for medical marijuana patients is frequently selected as a choice cannabis strain for insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, PTSD, and women’s health issues. Again, versatility is a defining characteristic of this outstanding strain!

Sundae Driver THC Content

Sundae Driver’s THC levels qualify as a high-THC strain, with averages clocking in between 16 and 21% THC.

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