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Three ways to celebrate Pride with Giving Tree.

It’s the perfect time to give a little extra love – and celebration – to the LGBTQ+ community. Phoenix Pride might not be until November, but why not start the festivities now?

From your friends at Giving Tree Dispensary, here are three ideas for celebrating Pride with us:

1. Try the “Strainbow” special at Giving Tree

We’re honored to be a destination dispensary for Phoenix LGBTQ+ community members, and we wanted to make this Pride celebration extra-special. We’ve put together a “Strainbow” sampler that features 7 of our signature Giving Tree house strains, each one representing one of the colors of the iconic Pride rainbow. You’ll get an assortment of 0.5-gram mini pre-rolls, including the following strains:

  • White Widow
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Alien Grapevine
  • Death Star
  • Golden Lemon
  • AC/DC
  • L.A. Confidential

2. Pair your favorite strain for focus with a lesson on LGBTQ+ history

Most of us have a go-to strain for those days when we really want to dial in and kick our focus into high gear. For Pride, you can honor the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights by learning more about the community’s storied history – but before you begin, you can enjoy a focus-boosting strain to prepare yourself for a very valuable education.

3. Get together with friends to explore the work of LGBTQ+ creatives and partake in the cannabis edibles of your choice.

LGBTQ+ content creators have made huge contributions to art, film, literature, music, and more, and Pride Month is an excellent time to do a deep dive. Gather a few friends that share a knack for thoughtful conversation, snack on a premium edible, and jump right in. Visit Giving Tree Dispensary to find all the cannabis necessities to make Pride Month the most fabulous one yet.

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