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Our Reaction to the Trump Administration’s New Marijuana Policy

This article/video first appeared on Fox 10 Phoenix on January 4th. Watch the video via the link at the end of the blog.

The Trump Administration could soon be prosecuting people for buying, selling or producing marijuana, even in states where voters passed laws making marijuana use legal.

On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a major change in how the feds deal with states when it comes to marijuana. It was a reversion of an Obama administration policy, in which the Feds didn’t prosecute people in states that passed laws legalizing marijuana, except for cases involving children or organized crime.

At the Giving Tree Wellness Center in North Phoenix, there are many varieties of medical marijuana for sale. That is something Sessions does not like. While Sessions is not a doctor, Gina Berman, the Medical Director of the center, is.

“His personal opinion he has stated publicly is he thinks people who use cannabis are bad people, and he is implementing his opinion and subjecting half of the country to his opinion,” said Dr. Berman.

Dr. Berman was asked what effect the new rule would have on entities like theirs. “That remains to be seen,” said Dr. Berman. “Their intentions and agenda have not been outlined. Will they arrest grandma using cannabis suppositories or the recreational market? It is not clear what their agenda is.” Medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states and Washington, D.C., while recreational marijuana is now legal in eight states and Washington D.C. A recent Gallup Poll found 64% of Americans support legalizing recreational marijuana.

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