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5 Things you should know about Delta-8 THC

The beauty of the cannabis industry is that more new cannabinoids and compounds are discovered and streamlined to make amazing products that consumers can enjoy for their specific needs. In the nascent stages, we thought there was just THC or CBD. Now we know about THC-A, CBG, and hundreds more. Delta-8 THC is no different and is a superb alternative for those cannabis aficionados who seek a less potent version.


Delta-8 THC, or Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid substance found in the cannabis plant similar to Delta-9 THC. It is extracted from hemp and refined from a CBD isolate, and synthesized.

What is the Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9?

Delta-8 is becoming more popular because it isn’t as strong as Delta-9 but will still give you that high feeling of euphoria. It is found naturally in the plant, but the processing is longer and more expensive.

Is Delta-8 THC safe for use?

Yes, Delta-8 THC is safe. The question of safety lies more in the legal realm, as the jury is out in certain states about if it should be approved for use. There are still plenty of states where Delta-9 THC is illegal, so the hemp-harvested Delta-8 THC is enjoyed for folks who still have no access.

Can It Make You High?

Moreover, Delta-8 can still get you high. Consumers have said it’s a lighter high with all the benefits, but it isn’t overpowering or potent.


Even though Delta-8 THC hasn’t been widely studied yet, the known benefits and effects are similar to traditional THC. Mild uplifted feelings, euphoria, possible relief from some forms of pain, and more. It is unlike CBD, which doesn’t have any intoxicating effects but is still mellowing and relieving.

Side effects are similar, including dry mouth, red-eye, mild paranoia, or possible anxiety. More benefits may come to light as science discovers them, but it is a fine alternative until then.


Delta-8 THC comes in many forms, especially Delta-8 THC flower, edibles, and cartridges.

Like any cannabis product, use Delta-8 THC with care and moderation if you are new. Delta-8 is found mostly in flower, gummies, oils, or cartridges. Some states even mail it to you if you require that (not in Arizona, though). Because of Delta-8 THC’s lesser potency, companies tend to double the amount infused in gummies. Many traditional gummies are 10mg, and Delta-8 THC gummies usually have 25mg to be equivalent to taking a regular edible gummy. Make sure. However, you consume a Delta-8 THC-infused product that you take a little bit at first, gauge the effects after an hour, and then increase the dose if you need.

I’m in Arizona and want to know where to find Delta-8 THC products.

Wherever you are, feel free to call your local dispensary and see what they offer. In Phoenix, Giving Tree Dispensary has high-quality curated Delta-8 THC oils on the shelf that any of our cannabis concierges will be happy to guide you with. Our products from seed to sale have a risk-free guarantee, as we pride ourselves on safety and reliability. We don’t want you to have to compromise on your cannabis experience.

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