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Two Recommended Weed Strains for Focus

Are you looking for a few solid cannabis strains to boost your focus and help you tackle your to-do list? For the seasoned cannabis consumer, it’s usually understood that there’s a strain for just about anything and everything – and that includes helping you get into the zone and concentrate on completing some important tasks. Cannabis for focus is definitely one of the more popular requests we hear at Giving Tree Dispensary, and it’s one that we’re all too happy to offer suggestions for. Of course, everyone experiences cannabis in their own way, but there are a handful of consistently customer-recommended strains for increased focus and concentration.

Depending on your personal preferences and experience level, our staff can always provide some customized recommendations. But to help you start a shopping list for your next dispensary visit, here are our top two picks for focus-friendly cannabis strains:

ACDC: With a name like that, you know that ACDC is bound to be a rock star strain. But actually, it’s more like a rock star on their day off – perfectly relaxed and feeling positive. It’s a CBD-dominant hybrid, coming in at about 14% CBD and 1% THC. As a result, most people can expect virtually no intoxicating effects but plenty of perks from the CBD. Customers commonly describe their ACDC experience as uplifting, mildly energy-boosting, and ideal for focus. Granola Funk: Another hybrid, Granola Funk, is a THC-dominant strain born from a blend of Wookie 15 and GSC. Customers generally report feeling happy, mildly euphoric, and in a mood that makes it easy to work on a specific task. You can get a good balance of relaxation and energizing effects, preparing you for the job at hand.

Find your newest favorite focus flower (or edible, oil, and anything in between!) when you stop by our Phoenix dispensary today!

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