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Recreational is Here, Now What? A Brief FAQ With the Giving Tree

Q : Will there be two separate lines for Recreational customers and Medical patients?

A : Yes, we will have two seperate lines for our medical patients and rec customers. Our medical patients are important to us and we want to ensure they are still able to purchase their medicine efficiently with no issues.

Q : Can I order online as a Recreational customer?

A : Yes, you can place an online order on our website through our Treez menu. When you sign in, simply indicate that you are a recreational customer and follow the directions to browse the menu and place your order.

Q : I’m a Recreational customer, can I purchase the same products as Medical patients?

A : Yes and no. Many of the same brands that are offered to Medical patients are also available to Rec customers. For instance, one difference would be the milligram amount you are able to purchase as a Rec customer, which is limited to 100mg total, divided into 10mg individual pieces.

Q : Will you still be offering sales and discounts?

A : At this time we will not be offering our typical sales in order to maintain inventory for our store. However, if you are a Veteran, First Responder or a Senior over 65 your 10% discount will still be applicable to your order.

Q : I’m a Medical patient, why have your prices changed?

A : Mandatory increased testing of all cannabis products has been implemented across Arizona and therefore increased our cost for various products.

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