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Not sure which oil cartridges to pick? Understanding cannabis oil cartridges.

Cartridges have quickly become the latest and greatest way to enjoy cannabis, especially for anyone that appreciates having a smoke-free alternative. But they’re still a relatively new addition to the market, so if you have questions about choosing the right cartridge, you’re definitely not alone. Here at Giving Tree, one of the most common questions we get about cartridges is: “Are all cannabis cartridges the same?” We’re excited to tell you that no, they definitely aren’t – which is one of the many reasons that cannabis enthusiasts are loving cartridges so much.

What are the different types of cannabis vape cartridges?

Whether you call them “cannabis vapes,” “THC cartridges,” or any one of their many other nicknames, cannabis oil cartridges offer an outstanding variety of options to suit your preferences. Cannabis cartridges are not all the same; in fact, the various types really couldn’t be more different.  Here’s a crash course on the cannabis oils you can find in the cartridges at Giving Tree Dispensary: 

  • Distillate oil: One of the most widely-used oils in cannabis vape cartridges, distillate is an expertly refined form of cannabis oil that delivers a flawlessly smooth, clean vaping experience.
  • CO2 oil: Named for an extraction process that uses CO2, this type of cannabis oil features natural compounds and has a reputation for the ultimate option for a potent and smooth vape.
  • Live resin oil: For cannabis connoisseurs that appreciate aroma and flavor, the terpene-rich live resin oil cartridges are a must-try.
  • Full-spectrum oil: Maximize the plant-based benefits of cannabis with full-spectrum cartridges, which boast all of the natural molecules within a given strain.

As oil cartridges gain ground in the ever-evolving market, you can be sure that there will be new options to discover. And now that you know a little bit more about them, you’re ready to find the right cannabis vape cartridges for you.  Visit Giving Tree Dispensary to shop the best cannabis oil cartridges in Phoenix and find your perfect match.

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