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Medical Marijuana Suppositories: What, Why, Where to Find in AZ

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It seems as though a new cannabis application is released every week in Arizona. Vape cartridges, oral sprays, topicals, and a myriad of extracts have provided medical marijuana patients a variety of ways to medicate. But which one of these methods is most efficient? Some would argue it varies from person to person, but science has a surprisingly definitive answer. The most efficient way to consume cannabis is through the rectum via cannabis suppositories.


A suppository is a capsule that is about an inch long and is usually made from a mixture of cannabis oil and cocoa butter. The capsule is meant to be inserted rectally, where heat will melt the ingredients before the body absorbs the medicinal compounds through the intestinal wall and directly into the bloodstream.


Suppositories are more effective than traditional methods of cannabis medication administration due to their superior bioavailability, meaning they’re easy for the body to use and process. It has been found suppositories have an efficiency rate of up to 70 percent, whereas inhaling cannabis is estimated to be up to only 25 percent efficient. Other methods of consumption are even less efficient, for example, eating cannabis is only about 20 percent efficient.


Initially, cannabis suppositories were found to be a great option for patients who experienced extreme nausea from edible marijuana, such as chemotherapy patients, or those who can’t smoke or swallow pills, such as children or the elderly. More recently, suppositories have been found to be a remedy for patients with chronic gastrointestinal issues, such as Crohn’s and colitis, or as an alternative to combat menstrual cramps and other physical pain.


One of the benefits of using cannabis suppositories is the absence of a “head high”, or the traditional psychoactive feeling produced by inhaling cannabis, instead a patient will feel clear-headed and sharp. Almost immediately upon using patients should expect to feel a warm, relaxing sensation wash over their body, starting from the pelvic region. Pain relief should start almost immediately and can last up to 8 hours without re-administration.


Perhaps the most challenging aspect of cannabis suppositories is finding a place to purchase them. Fortunately, The Giving Tree Wellness Center, a leading medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona, produces this form of medicine in-house using cannabis containing zero synthetic pesticides and a clean CO2 extraction process. Patients can choose between singles or 10-packs in 20MG or 50MG doses. Sativa, Indica and CBD varieties are also available. For more information or to find The Giving Tree’s retail locations, please visit

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