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Kindred capsules are the perfect fit for your vitamin regimen.

When it comes to your daily vitamin regimen, there might just be something missing: premium cannabis capsules from Kindred Cannabis.

Our cannabis-infused capsules provide a broad range of benefits that you won’t find in your usual everyday supplements and are an outstanding addition for anyone interested in boosting their sense of well-being. With a  variety of Kindred capsules to choose from, you can easily find one that fits your wellness goals, needs, and lifestyle:

  • Mind – Sativa Cannabis Capsules: Infused with a premium sativa strain for a head-centered high, Kindred Mind is ideal for individuals in search of productivity, creativity, improved moods, better focus, and extra energy.
  • Body – Indica Cannabis Capsules: Kindred Body is a series of capsules crafted with an indica strain, formulating for those who want to relax, unwind, release tension, and find relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.
  • Balance – Hybrid Cannabis Capsules: For the best of both worlds, try Kindred Balance. Our hybrid cannabis capsules unite the mind-body experience to deliver a happy medium suited for anytime enjoyment.
  • Relief – CBD Capsules: If you prefer a non-psychoactive option with all the plant-based perks, Kindred Relief is a CBD-rich option that will more than measure up.

Once you’ve added Kindred to your usual lineup of vitamins, don’t be surprised if our cannabis capsules eventually end up making most of those supplements obsolete. Many Kindred enthusiasts find that they’re able to considerably pare down their regimen, thanks to our capsules’ versatility. 

If you’re considering expanding your approach to holistic wellness with Kindred capsules, there’s never been a better time than now! Check our always-growing list of retailers to find the dispensary nearest you offering our signature cannabis capsules now.

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