How Long Do Edibles Take to Kick In?

For many people, their first foray into the wide world of cannabis begins with edibles.

Edible cannabis is a diverse category of foods and drinks containing cannabis extract, including popular items such as gummies, baked goods, and hard candies. They are a tasty, non-intimidating option for beginners and experienced consumers alike, and since they are available in such a wide range of potency levels and forms, they also have a massively wide appeal.

But before you try cannabis edibles, you probably have a few questions – and today, we will answer as many as possible. In this short and sweet guide to marijuana edibles, we’ll address commonly-asked questions such as:

  • How long does it take for edibles to kick in?
  • How long do the effects of edibles last?
  • How much of an edible should you take?

We’ll also cover some of the advantages of cannabis edibles, popular forms, and a few possible results to know about before you get started. This guide gives you everything you need to enjoy edibles confidently.

How Long Does it Take Before You Begin to Feel the Effects of Edibles?

If you’re new to edibles, you may be wondering how long it takes for them to take effect – especially if you want to know how much to take to achieve your ideal experience.

Typically, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the influences of edibles to kick in, and they can last for up to 12 hours. Several factors can influence the onset time, including:

  • Your body weight
  • Metabolism
  • The potency of the edible
  • Other ingredients in the edible (besides cannabis)
  • When you last ate
  • Tolerance

It is helpful to know that cannabis hard candies can be the exception to this general rule, mainly because some of the cannabinoids can be absorbed sublingually (under your tongue). As a result, you might start to feel the results of cannabis hard candy as soon as 15 minutes after eating it.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

When it comes to edible cannabis, the duration of the results can vary depending on several factors, such as the edible’s potency and your tolerance.

Typically, the intoxicating developments of edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in and can peak at around 4 hours. Afterward, the results can last up to 12 hours, with residual influences lasting up to 24 hours. However, it’s worth noting that this can be affected by various factors, including your metabolism and the type of edible consumed.

So, why do edibles last longer than smoking cannabis? When you smoke cannabis, the cannabinoids (active ingredients) are rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream and then quickly distributed to your brain. But when you eat cannabis edibles, they must first enter your digestive system.

How Much Edible Cannabis Should You Take?

When it comes to the topic of cannabis edibles, this question is definitely at the top of the list. Understandably, when you’re an edibles first-timer, you want to know: how much of an edible should you take the first time?

Of course, there isn’t a single exact answer to this question, especially since so many factors can affect how long it takes for edibles to kick in (as well as how much an edible will affect you). This is why “start low and go slow” is usually the go-to recommendation for anyone trying edibles for the first time.

However, here’s a useful guideline to help you figure out how much of an edible to take: As a general rule, a standard “dose” of an edible is 10 mg of THC. However, if it’s your first time, starting with a lower dose of 5 mg or less is recommended to gauge your tolerance. Once you’ve consumed the edible, wait at least two hours before increasing your quantity because the onset time can vary. If you do decide to increase the amount, do so gradually, in 5 mg increments.

Common Forms of Edibles

There are so many different types of cannabis edibles, so it’s easy to find ones that sound good to you.

From decadent to ultra-convenient, here are some edible types you can usually find at any good dispensary:

  • Cannabis gummies
  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Chewy candies like taffy
  • Hard candies, such as lollipops, mints, or lozenges
  • Chocolates and caramels
  • Chips
  • Sodas and seltzers
  • Coffee/tea
  • Dissolvable breath strips

If you have a favorite snack or dessert, the odds are pretty good that you can find a cannabis-infused version of it.

When you’re browsing different cannabis edibles, you’ll also be able to weigh your options between various strains and cannabinoid ratios. This means that there are edibles made with indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, offering varying experiences depending on the characteristics of a certain strain. For example, if you’re on the hunt for the best edibles for relaxation, you’ll probably gravitate towards indica edibles.

Benefits of Edibles

There are many potential medicinal and recreational benefits associated with cannabis, but what about the advantages of edibles in particular? Edible cannabis products are hugely popular, and for a good reason – here are just a few of the perks you can look forward to.

Reliable serving sizes

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or a recreational consumer, you want to know exactly how much THC and CBD you’re consuming. But if you’re vaping cannabis, it can be tough to know how much is entering your bloodstream.

With edibles, enjoying a specific serving size is much easier. Reputable brands use rigorous testing and manufacturing practices to ensure precise and consistent concentration levels so there are no variances from one gummy to the next. This makes it simpler to tailor your experience so you’re never feeling overwhelmed by a high that’s too intense for your preferences.

A discreet alternative to smoking

For some people, smoking cannabis is off the table due to health reasons (or even just personal preference). Certain medical conditions can eliminate smoking as an option, but that doesn’t mean that the potential benefits of marijuana are out of reach. For these individuals, using cannabis edibles is an excellent option instead.

Other people simply don’t like the smell or taste of smoking cannabis, or they aren’t interested in the experience for other personal reasons. Edibles are a discreet, no-smoke alternative that virtually any adult can enjoy.

Longer-lasting effects

You’ve learned that the effects of cannabis edibles can often last longer than those of smoking cannabis. This can be a major benefit, especially if you’re considering marijuana for medicinal benefits. For example, if you’re interested in marijuana for insomnia, the right edible could be ideal for achieving better sleep all night.

Potential Side Effects of Edibles

Like any form of cannabis, edibles can have aftereffects. Usually, the most common aftereffects of cannabis edibles occur when an individual consumes more than they intend to, resulting in a more intense high than expected.

In certain cases, some people may notice feelings of anxiousness or an elevated heart rate after eating an edible. For those individuals, switching to an edible with a lower level of THC (and a higher level of CBD) can often be a good solution.

If you have had an unpleasant edibles experience, it’s worth talking to a knowledgeable dispensary team member to see if a different product could be a better fit.

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