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No Till Gardening in Cannabis

The no-till system of growing Cannabis is based on completely organic inputs with the value of sustainability and regeneration in mind.  We use organic amendments with the addition of high-quality compost to supply the soil with nutrients as well as populations of micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes as well as macro-organisms like earthworms, rove beetles, and beneficial soil mites. 

This system moves away from the approach of feeding the plant, to feeding the soil.  The life in our soil helps to cycle nutrients and continuously provide them in a plant available form allowing for optimal growth and yield that only improves over time.  If we create a balanced soil food web, we will create a living system where the plant has access to all the nutrients and beneficial organisms that contribute to the plant creating the most medicinal product possible. One main factor of this growing system contributing to its sustainability is the fact that we reuse and continuously build the soil in our containers.  With this system we will be able to begin moving away from the paradigm of wastefulness and disregard for the environment outside of the grow – that makes us unique in this and other greenhouse grow industries. 

Reusing our soil means we will not be contributing to large amounts of waste that are continuously generated from the horticulture industry.  Along with creating much less waste, we have a chance to drastically improve our soil throughout multiple growing cycles.  When planting directly into a container after a plant was harvested from it, we get immediate access to all the incredibly beneficial organisms that have been living in our soil rather than needing to regrow and establish each new media each cycle.

With our use of all-natural and beneficial amendments, we take away the risk of using any dangerous chemicals or compounds that could have adverse effects on patients who use this medicine, especially kids.  The system focuses on quality and sustainability rather than quantity.  However, using this system does not mean you have to sacrifice bud quantity.  The shift to indoor no-till cannabis is a rapidly growing movement that will be the future of safe, effective, and sustainably produced medicine for all patients.

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