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Here at Giving Tree Dispensary, we’re proud to have built a team that’s just as dynamic and diverse as our community of customers and patients. We wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know us a little better, so you can be familiar with the faces behind your favorite Valley dispensary. So, we’re going to be highlighting some of our staff and the role they play in getting premium-quality cannabis to you.

With a combined 53 years of cannabis industry experience – not to mention multiple degrees in plant science – our growers are a close-knit bunch with some seriously impressive expertise. First up is Jesse Miller, the manager of the Giving Tree Dispensary grow team. Jesse joined us in the summer of 2016, bringing with him a master’s degree in Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Jesse grew up in rural Illinois, where he was surrounded by large-scale agriculture and developed a passion for farming from early on. But when he started to learn more about the cannabis industry, and its unique culture and wealth of opportunity, he knew exactly where he wanted his career to go. Like the rest of the Giving Tree team, Jesse has a deep appreciation for everything that the cannabis plant can provide to the world. And as the industry rapidly expands, introducing new genetic variations, tools, and technology, he describes it as a “fun ride” that he’s looking forward to enjoying well into the future.

Our grow team is currently focusing on honing the products produced using our signature genetic varieties, so we couldn’t keep Jesse away from his work for too long. But we’ll be back in your inbox soon to highlight another team member soon – see you then!

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