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Your Guide to Cannabis Oil

Whether you are a longtime cannabis consumer or just getting started, there are so many different forms of cannabis to explore. While many consumers typically reach for flower or edibles, cannabis oil has become one of the newest products to gain rapidly-growing popularity. Convenient, highly concentrated, and user-friendly, cannabis oil is a versatile product that you might just want to add to your routine.

We’ve put together a short and sweet guide that covers the basics of cannabis oil, including:
What is cannabis oil?
How is cannabis oil made?
What is the difference between cannabis and cannabis oil?
How do you use cannabis oil?
What are the effects of cannabis oil?

Cannabis Oil Origins

What is cannabis oil, and how is it made?
Cannabis oil is a concentrate made by extracting THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Sometimes referred to as cannabinoid oil or weed oil, cannabis oil is a highly concentrated form of cannabis – which means you typically only need to use a small amount to experience the full effects.

The process used to make cannabis oil is designed to carefully extract cannabinoids and a broad range of other compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids. Then, this extract is added to a carrier oil (such as hemp oil or MCT oil) for easy use.

You may choose THC oil, CBD oil, or cannabis oil containing CBD and THC, depending on your preferences.

There are various methods for making cannabis oil, though the gold standard is generally considered to be CO2 extraction. However, each method has its pros and cons, and one of our team members can help you weigh your options if need be.

Cannabis oil vs. Cannabis

Cannabis oil is simply one of many forms of cannabis. It offers an alternative to smoking cannabis, which some consumers appreciate for various reasons. It still contains the cannabinoids (“active ingredients”) in cannabis, so you can expect many of the same effects.

Cannabis Oil Use and Effects

How do you use cannabis oil?
Deciding how to use cannabis oil is a matter of personal preference – and thanks to its versatility, you have plenty of options.

Most consumers opt to enjoy cannabis oil via sublingual consumption, which simply means placing a few drops of the oil under your tongue to be absorbed. The cannabinoids and other active ingredients bypass your stomach, absorbing effectively into your bloodstream for optimal effects with this consumption method.

Cannabis oil can also be added to your choice of food or drinks. For example, some consumers might mix cannabis oil into their morning smoothie or enjoy it in a cup of evening tea.

What are the effects of cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil effects largely depend on the type and concentration you have selected. CBD-only oils will have a much different impact than a high-THC oil, so you’ll want to consider your desired experience when shopping.

Generally, cannabis oil will have similar effects to a flower strain with a comparable genetic makeup. So, high-THC cannabis oil may deliver an experience much like smoking a high-THC strain would. If you aren’t sure what type of cannabis oil is right for you, a Giving Tree team member is always here to help.

How long does it take for cannabis oil to work?

Like any form of cannabis, the answer to this question will be somewhat different for every individual. There is not necessarily a set time, but there are rough guidelines as to when you can expect the effects of cannabis to start kicking in.

If you take cannabis oil sublingually, effects begin after about 15 to 30 minutes.

If you add cannabis oil to a food or drink item, the effects will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to start.

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