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Your Guide to Marijuana Pipes and Glassware

When it comes to cannabis, smoking is a time-honored tradition. And now that marijuana is becoming increasingly mainstream, cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy smoking with ease. 

If smoking is your preferred method of cannabis consumption, then you will need something to pair with your favorite flower. For the ultimate quality, style, and convenience, we recommend investing in well-made cannabis glassware.

Glass is ideal for smoking cannabis because it heats up effectively without releasing toxic fumes or unappealing odors. Plus, glass is easy to clean and maintain. And with a growing number of innovative brands getting increasingly creative with their glass pipe designs, there’s no shortage of stylish options to choose from. 

We’ve put together a useful guide to glass pipes for cannabis, so you can choose the perfect one to suit your smoking style.


Cannabis Glassware Options

Two types of glass are most commonly used for making cannabis glassware:

  • Scientific glass
  • Artisanal glass


Scientific Glass for Marijuana Pipes

When scientific glass is used for a pipe, the top priority is the quality of the pipe itself. Scientific glass is ideal for smokers who believe that durability and long-lasting quality come first. This type of glass pipe can easily stand up to regular use, making it a solid choice for anyone that enjoys frequent smoke sessions.


Artisanal Glass Cannabis Pipes

Artisanal glass is focused more on the pipe’s design aesthetic. The goal is to create a beautiful pipe – albeit functional. This type of glass pipe is more susceptible to cracking, so they aren’t necessarily the best pipe for frequent use. For casual smokers that give precedence to style, artisanal glass can be a great fit.


Cannabis Glassware Designs

As you weigh your options between different cannabis pipes, it’s not just the type of glass you’ll consider. There are also many different glassware designs for marijuana, each offering its advantages. 


Dab Rigs

One of the most popular glass pipe types is the dab rig. With a style that is very similar to a classic bong, a dab rig features a water filtration system and is designed for stronger marijuana strains and high-potency cannabis. The cannabis is heated within a chamber (with a water filtration system), and then it is ready for smoking.



Few glass pipes can compete with the bong in terms of popularity. Bongs have been around for a long time and are a favorite for relaxed, at-home smoke sessions. While they aren’t as portable as other glassware options, bongs are perfect for social smoking. Another benefit of bongs is the built-in water chamber, designed to cool down the smoke and clear it of heavy particulates. As a result, many smokers say bongs are the best pipes for flavor.



A chillum is a cylindrical-shaped, portable pipe that originated in India and is a fantastic choice for on-the-go smoking. Using a chillum is as simple as placing cannabis on one side, igniting it, and then inhaling the smoke at the pipe’s other end. Since chillums provide direct inhalation, they are often a favorite among regular smokers.



A steamroller is essentially a bigger version of a chillum. Despite their larger size, they are still easily transportable. Using a steamroller involves the same process as smoking with a chillum, though this pipe style is usually best-suited for smokers that regularly smoke or prepare stronger doses. 



The spoon pipe is easily one of the most commonly-used ways to smoke cannabis, most likely because they are very compact and can be carried just about anywhere. On one end of this pipe is a deep, bowl-like receptacle that you will stuff with cannabis. Then, you ignite the marijuana and use the mouthpiece on the opposite end to smoke. Spoons are impressively affordable, making it easy to stock up and always have one at the ready.



If you’re in the mood for a next-level smoking experience, it might be time to try a bubbler. A bubbler is a spoon and bong combined. You’ll stuff the spoon end with your preferred cannabis, and a small water chamber works to cool the resulting smoke and eliminate heavy particulates. Many smokers say that a bubbler produces better smoke than a spoon or a bong, offering the best of both worlds. 


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