Strain Spotlight: AK-1995

AK-1995 Strain Flower

The AK-1995 strain (also known as AK-95) is a Sativa-leaning hybrid often favored for its earthy flavor and well-rounded effects profile. 

Considered a relatively new arrival to the world of cannabis cultivation, the AK-95 strain isn’t one you’ll find at every dispensary out there. But with a growing number of cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients discovering AK-1995, demand is on the rise – so don’t be surprised if you start hearing even more buzz about this high-THC strain.

AK-1995 Strain Origins

Combining some of the best Colombian, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani landrace strains, AK-1995 offers a modern take on the experience you’d expect from a classic, old-school cannabis strain. Its cultivators were clearly focused on crafting an innovative combination of high-energy effects and next-level relaxation, and in the eyes of AK-95 fans, they were incredibly successful.

AK-1995 Taste, Smell, and Appearance

The taste and aroma of AK-95 are primarily earthy, with a skunky undertone that weaves its way through as well. Some have made mention of clear notes of black licorice (anise), which only adds to the overall effect.

Like any great strain, AK-1995 has a smell that wastes no time in making a first impression. The powerful aroma often captures the attention of first-timers, drawing them in with the promise of a strain that won’t disappoint. AK-1995 flavor elements are often described as lemon and pine, with sweet, spice, and fruity hints. The dimensional flavors of AK-95 make it a strain that’s equally enjoyable morning, noon, or night.

AK-1995 buds show off shades of vibrant green complemented by amber-colored accents. Its texture makes for a pleasantly light, fluffy grind that you’ll surely appreciate. 

AK-1995 Strain Effects

The versatile effects of AK-1995 are perhaps its most defining quality, ensuring mass appeal when it comes to this hybrid. Some reports put the THC level of AK-95 between 15 and 20%, so it makes sense that it’s beloved by a diverse range of recreational and MMJ consumers alike.

Initially, AK-95 effects typically take shape as a positive burst of energy and euphoria. Some people say they feel inspired to embark on creative pursuits, while others are happy to simply sit back and enjoy their uplifted mood alone or with friends. This wave of energy is shortly followed by a deeply relaxing sense of calm, which spreads throughout the mind and body. For some, the effects of AK-95 also include a gentle increase in hunger.

For medical marijuana patients, AK-1995 is becoming a go-to cannabis strain for pain, depression, and even insomnia. Many use AK-1995 for pain relief, while others have found it to be an excellent option for alleviating symptoms of depression throughout the day. 

Depending on your goals, you can opt to enjoy AK-95 either as a daytime or evening strain. Keep in mind that, as you increase your dosage, the physically and mentally relaxing effects are likely to grow stronger. For newer cannabis consumers, a slow start (specifically after you’ve wrapped up the day’s responsibilities) may be ideal for the first time with AK-1995.

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