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After-Workout Recovery & Cannabis

Whether you’re a daily gym devotee or a weekend warrior, having a post-workout recovery routine is a must. But even though you’ve probably heard about protein powders and recovery supplements, there’s a new all-star in town: cannabis.  As it turns out, this popular plant might be able to make a world of difference in your fitness regimen. In fact, depending on your wellness goals, cannabis may be a better choice than many of the traditional powders and pills out there. All-natural, versatile, and easy to enjoy, cannabis for recovery could be exactly what you need to level up your workout. Here are a few tips for combining workout recovery and cannabis:

  • Try a THC topical to tackle sore muscles and inflammation: Researchers have found links between cannabinoids and a reduction in pain, stiffness, and inflammation. So, if post-workout soreness is an issue, a cannabis cream can be the solution.
  • Elevate your “runner’s high” with a great indica strain: You might be familiar with the euphoria that supposedly sets in after a tough workout. Why not reward yourself for a job well done with a high-THC strain that’s a favorite for full-body relaxation? 
  • Choose CBD for a non-intoxicating experience: If you’d rather keep your recovery THC-free, consider CBD capsules to support your muscles and joints instead. Or, throw a CBD lotion in your gym bag, so you always have some on hand (bonus: this one is lavender-scented, making it perfect for winding down once you’re done working out!).

From hot yoga to weight lifting, your recovery routine can make a big difference in how you feel after a workout. Next time you’re at Giving Tree Dispensary, ask us what products we recommend for enhancing your recovery results.

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