3 Ways to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Life

You’ve heard about using CBD for targeted relief of certain symptoms or health challenges, but what about making it a part of your everyday wellness routine? Thanks to the versatility of premium CBD, you can flawlessly fit these plant-powered products into your daily life. 

Below are three easy ideas to get you started:

1. Take CBD Daily to Help You Wake Up in the Morning

With the right morning ritual, you can start every day on the right note (goodbye, Sunday scaries!). Get out of autopilot and into a more positive A.M. routine with a serving of all-natural CBD. If you already have a series of daily supplements you take with breakfast, consider swapping a few basic vitamins out for a single, CBD Multivitamin Capsule. 

2. Recover with a Daily CBD Pre- or Post-Workout Regimen

Fitting in a regular workout can get easier when you have CBD for a pre- or post-workout recovery aid. Many of Giving Tree regulars rave about their experiences with the CBD Muscle & Joint Capsules as a pre-workout tool to prevent soreness, especially when used in conjunction with our THC-Free CBD Lavender Lotion after an intense workout.

3. Add CBD to Your Nightly Routine

Just about all of us could benefit from improving our nighttime routines (midnight scrolling on social media, anyone?). Try to start winding down 30-60 minutes before lights out, and you might just sleep better than ever. A CBD Sleep Capsule and a warm cup of tea could be the perfect combination for a restful night.

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