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3 Useful Tips for First Time Cannabis Buyers

We take pride in the quality and diversity of our Phoenix dispensary’s cannabis flower selection, so it’s always exciting to help our new customers and patients make their first Giving Tree flower purchase. And even though everyone has their own unique cannabis goals and interests, we’ve found there are a few questions about cannabis flower that tend to come up fairly frequently. If you’re a flower first-timer, here is some useful information to help you shop with confidence.

How much flower can I purchase at a time?

Under Arizona cannabis laws, the purchasing limits for flower are:

  • Recreational (adults 21 and over with valid ID): 28 grams (1 ounce) per dispensary transaction
  • Medical (patients with a current medical marijuana card): 70 grams (2.5 ounces) per dispensary transaction

What are the different measurements of flower?

Our dispensary sells cannabis flower in gram-based measurements. Depending on the specific strain, you may be able to purchase in “packs” ranging from 1g to 28g. Common pack sizes include 3.5g and 7g.

What if I don’t know which strain to pick?

Whether you’re a brand-new consumer or an experienced enthusiast, our consultants are here to help you select strains and products that suit your needs. We can chat about your ideal experience, goals, wellness needs, and price point, then help you navigate our menu to find the best-fit flower options.

Browse the Best Cannabis Flower in Phoenix at Giving Tree

With a balanced blend of our signature cultivars and options from the industry’s leading growers, Giving Tree Dispensary offers an exceptional selection of premium flower in Phoenix. Visit our dispensary in-person or order online to pick-up in-store and find your newest favorite flower today!

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